Podi Podiatry and Specialist Foot Care Centre provides treatment and advice for all conditions relating to the foot and ankle. We cover any painful foot conditions or mobility problem related to a foot/ankle condition and especially those complicated by conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. We deal with people every day who are embarrassed by their feet or worried that they will have to live with pain forever.

Our services provide high quality expert advice and specialized treatment for conditions affecting the lower limb and foot. Our aim is to improve independence, mobility and well-being across all age groups.

There are a range of different services we provide to help people with every type of foot or ankle problem.

  • Do you suffer with foot pain or heel pain?

  • Do your feet or knees hurt?

  • Are you diabetic or have poor circulation?

  • Are you suffer from thickened and deformed nails or embarrassed by how they look?

  • Do you have bunions or ingrown toenails?

  • Do your feet have ulcers or a skin condition?

  • Do you want to take on more sport activity or to improve your chronic foot pain?

Skin and Nail Problem

General Podiatry is the routine treatment and management of your toe nails and other skin conditions. These include management of problematic skin and nail problems such as corns, callus, warts, and skin infections or simply elongated or thickened toenails and ingrown toe nails …(more)

Wound Treatment

Venous statis ulcer is a shallow wound that occurs when the leg veins don't return blood back toward the heart the way they should. Venous statis ulcers are caused by poor blood circulation from the legs, such as from venous insufficiency …(more)

Diabetic Foot Assessment and Management

Diabetes is a condition where you experience high levels of sugar in the blood, because the body is either unable to respond to it properly or does not produce enough. Long term diabetes may lead to damaged nerves and poor circulation…(more)


Prescription orthotics are inserts for shoes that help to restore and improve foot and lower leg function by helping to correct poor posture and arch support…(more)