Our Services

1.Foot Care (Nail & Skin)

General Podiatry is the routine treatment and management of your toe nails and other skin conditions. These include:

  • Management of problematic skin and nail problemss such as corns, callus, warts, and skin infections or simply elongated or thickened toenails and ingrown toe nails.

  • Treatment of Fungal Toenails that have become discoloured and thickened.

  • Treatment for bad athlete’s foot/ tinea pedis.

  • Treatment for wound and ulcer care.

Daily foot care may sound like a minor problem, but for some people it can be a major source of stress and irritation.

2.Foot Pain Treatment

Heel pain is the one of the most common problems found in Hong Kong and is most commonly caused by plantar fasciitis and /or heel spurs in adults. Children between eight and thirteen years old generally suffer more commonly from a growing pain condition known as Severs Disease.

There are a number of different causes of heel pain and foot pain including certain medical conditions. Anything that adds extra strain or pressure of the foot can also cause the pain.

3.Sports Podiatry

We specialise in biomechanical assessment of foot and leg dysfunction/injury and give advices on stretching/strengthenin , physical therapy and orthotic therapy.

4.Diabetic Foot Assessment and Management

Diabetes is a condition where you experience high levels of sugar in the blood, because the body is either unable to respond to it properly or does not produce enough.

Long term diabetes may lead to damaged nerves and poor circulation. Reduced sensation of the skin of feet is a common complication found in diabetes. The nerve that takes messages of sensation and pain are commonly affected. This means you may not be receiving messages about your foot injuries, to alert you that they need treatment, causing further damage. Injuries like simple blisters or cuts can cause major problems left unattended. These include the potential for wound infection, which can precede the requirement for amputation.

Another complication is narrowing of arteries. This caused a reduced blood supply to the feet. Skin with a poor blood supply do not heal as well as normal and is prone to infection.

People who experience Diabetes - have an increased risk of having severe foot problems.

A regular (every 6 months) foot assessment with your Podiatrist will assist in discovering any foot problems you may have not noticed early, before they become a major issue.

5.Assessment and Treatment for Pediatric Foot Condition

Children’s feet are constantly growing in the early years. It is important to check your child’s shoes and socks are the correct sizes as shoes that are too tight can cause deformity and ingrown toe nails. Between the ages of two and three years a child’s foot has a generous fat padding which can give the feet the appearance of being flat or having a low arch. As a child develops to around five years old their feet should take a normal arch shape as their muscle and ligaments become stronger. Children may walk with their feet turned inwards (in-toeing) in the first three to five years of their life. This will normal correct itself by age five without medical intervention.

6. Tailor-made Orthotics / Shoes

Prescription orthotics are inserts for shoes that help to restore and improve foot and lower leg function by helping to correct poor posture and arch support. Good posture helps you to sustain an active lifestyle - and good body posture needs correct alignment of feet, knees, hip and back.